My Favorites! 


Peanut Suet Nuggets
High Energy Bird Treat
Made with rendered beef suet and peanuts, so birds love 'em.. I usually sprinkle some on the ground near my feeders. These are easy for song birds to grab and carry away. My dog thinks these are dog treats and eats them when I put them out for the birds.

Kaytee Mealworms
High Protien - High Energy Treat
Dried mealworms are a great for birds that don't eat seeds. Also a great of source of proteien when parents have a nest full of open mouths to feed., as mealworms are great for parents and babies alike. I've even seen my backyard lizards eating the mealworms.

nature books

Afoot & Afield: San Diego County
281 Spectacular Outings
If you're looking for places to hike in San Diego, this the perfect choice. It not only gives a variety of locations, but it has difficutly ratings and indicates which hikes are dog friendly. There are versions for hikes up and down California, as well as Tahoe/Reno, Las Vegas, and Denver areas.

Mammal Tracks & Sign
A Guide to North American Species
Wanna be able to tell a canine from a feline track? How about a raccoon from an opposum? Unlike some field guides, this book teaches about more than just the look of the track. It also goes into animal behavior, which can be the key to identifying the animal that left the track. It covers other sign left by animals, like scrapes, scat, beds, etc

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America 
Second Edition
There are many different field guides available, but I've always preferred Peterson because it has drawings that point out specific field marks. Photographs are great, but only show one view of the bird, and if the photo doesn't show the specific field mark that helps ID that species, its hard to be sure what you're seeing.

Peterson Field Guide to
Western Reptiles & Amphibians 
Fourth Edition
As with the bird field guide, this one has drawings and points out field marks. It also includes a section that helps you key out some animals to the specific species.. An example is the toes on lizard species are different.. Peterson also has more field guides for different parts of the country, and the same goes for birds.

Magnifying Glass
5X Handheld Pocket Magnifier
I love pocket size magnifiers that I can pull out and hold over tiny plants lick Pixie Cup Lichen or Scarlet Pimpernel  flowers to see things you can’t see with the naked eye. Also great for tiny insects and to look at barbs on a feather found on the ground.

Binoculars for Kids 
8x21 High-Resolution Optics Mini Compact Binocular for Boys and Girls
Most kids love to look through binoculars, but its hard to hand over an expensive pair knowing they may get dropped. So, getting kids their own is a great option. These are real binoculars and not expensive at all. They come in different colors, too! 

Camping and Outdoor Living
Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulbs 
Great for outdoor camping or at home emergency outages.
I love these bulbs! I even bought adapters so they can be plugged right into your power strip for charging instead of a light.

Rechargeable Bug Zapper with LED Light
USB-C rechargeable and portable mosuito killer lantern lamp
These are great for indoors and outdoors. To clean, just rinse off with water. Can use as just a light or light and bug zapper. It comes with a handy pull out hangar built in. I just love em!

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