Are you tired of watching your grandkid(s)
sit in front of the television 

playing video games all afternoon long?

Do you catch yourself thinking... 

I remember when I was a kid we were
always outside?

It's time we get our grandkids 
away from the video games and
back outside!

If you’re looking for…
~ A personal guide to help you get your grandkids outside learning about and loving nature’s magic...
~A positive and supportive community...
~A hand to hold while you explore the great outdoors with your grandkids...
~A sister who shares your love of nature...
~A cheerleader as you attain your goals...
Then  you’re  in  the  right  place!

So  glad  you  found  me!

I’m Anna, and I’m a legal professional by day, and an entrepreneur by night.  Working in an office is stressfull, but when I'm outdoors, I'm much more relaxed.  Kinda chill.

My passion is helping folks like you get the grandkids away from video games and back outside to discover the magic of nature, the way you did when you were young.

I’m a lover of all animals, both wild and domestic.
I’m an outdoor enthusiast.
I’ve been a Volunteer Naturalist for about 30 years.

Where to next?
This site is your resource for getting your grandkid(s) back outside and I have all the tools coming your way!
So make sure to keep checking back as I get more and more uploaded.
A resource library of activities you can do with your grandkid(s). Let's get them away from the video games and back outside! 
A page of all my favorite things... from products for wildlife to nature books I think you will love to products I think your grandkids will love.
Join the Facebook community... The Magic of Nature: A grandparent’s guide to bringing your grandkids back to nature.   

© Anna Gateley-Stanton