I’m an outdoor enthusiast.  I love camping, hiking, or just walking the dog. I’ve been involved with many nature-related groups, such as the San Diego Tracking Team, San Diego Audubon, Friends of Blue Sky Canyon, and San Diego Nature Festival. I’ve also volunteered with the San Diego Natural History Museum collecting data for its Bird Atlas; helped with numerous Audubon Christmas Bird Counts; volunteered for the San Diego Tracking Team collecting data with mammal tracks & scat; and collected deer scat specimens for an SDSU student study on local mule deer populations.
Most importantly, I’ve been a Volunteer Naturalist for about 30 years at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve in Poway, California, where I’ve been involved with many educational programs for kids. I’ve led nature walks for families and Scout groups, pointing out birds, insects, plants, reptiles, tracks, and habitats, but not until I’ve first told them the rules and how to stay safe while we’re there.

But, I’m not all about nature. Here are a few more tidbits so you can get to know me a little better.
  • I was made in Japan, but born in Jersey. 
  • I loved playing volleyball and softball well into my 20s.
  • I’m always a country girl at heart, even while I’m living in a big city.
  • I love travel, photography, and Broadway musicals, especially anything by Andrew Lloyd Weber. He’s amazing!
  • After a rain, I pick up earthworms from the street or sidewalk and put them back on the lawn. I’ve even ushered, from a safe distance, a few rattlesnakes out of harms way on a road or in a parking lot. 
  • I love to help people, and I’d love to help you!

Where to next?
This site is your resource for getting your grandkid(s) back outside and I have all the tools coming your way!
So make sure to keep checking back as I get more and more uploaded.
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